Beware Of Fake Online Degree Scams

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With modern technology, the internet offers students many opportunities to study for online college degrees. Students can also find a wealth of information regarding their online education ambition, for instance like how to apply for college student loan, how to find the right online college degree program for a wide variety of other online education information.

Since many prospective online students are usually working adults, more and more people are turning to the internet to obtain a college degree education program, studying completely from the internet.

However, do be careful when you choose an online college to study with. Beware of fake college degree scams. What many students fail to do is to research the online collegess accreditation process. This is a vital process and is done to make sure that the online college you chose to study from is genuine and creditable.

Since the benefits of an accredited college degree are plentiful, potential students need to ensure that the online college they study with offers fully accredited degrees. An accredited college degree is an endorsement and recognition that you have received a certain level of standard and quality in your education.

However, in the online degree industry, scams abound. There are many so called “degree-mills” on the internet which promise that you will receive degrees in half the time that is normally taken to study for a degree and some even to go as far as to claim that you can earn a college degree even without studying or taking examinations.

These scams and fake “colleges” only want your money and when you are done with them, you will be left with a degree that has not been through a proper accreditation process or worse, you will receive a fake college degree which is completely worthless. So you must beware of them.

A properly accredited online college degree program ensures that a student is receiving a high quality education that is the standard among colleges and universities both online and offline. By being accredited, it holds the online colleges and universities accountable for their performances and this auger well for employer’s confidence in the degree’s credibility.

By having a fully accredited online college degree by the proper governing boards ensures that your hard work is rewarded. Employers and other learning institutions will accept your degree as being credible.

Students who wish to apply for college financing can only do so if their college is properly accredited by the proper educational boards. No banks will give any college student loans to students who are intending to study with a college without accreditation.

Furthermore, in order to transfer your credits to another educational institution that is accredited, you have to receive a degree from an accredited college or university online.

While the internet is a good medium where students from all over the world with internet access can obtain get a college degree education, you should by all means avoid being a victim of such ruthless scams. Proper accreditation ensures that your online degree will be respected by your employers and other colleges and universities should you wish to go for your post graduate degree.

It is therefore imperative that you research your chosen college’s accreditation process thoroughly before committing to any online college degree program. This will make sure that the accredited online college degree you will obtain is properly accredited through the proper state or regional boards. By doing your research well, you will avoid being a victim of fake college degree online scams may cost you lot of money, time, hard work and heartache.

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College Ranking: Tips for Finding the Best Schools

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The official university ranking list that is published every year lists the top colleges in the country, however these lists don’t go over many important issues to a student. Luckily there are several college ranking guides that are published by actual college students. The most accurate form of ranking colleges places a high importance on student happiness. College students grade their university based on a number of different factors, not just academic qualifications. This type of college ranking process reflects the opinions of current students and recent graduates and is not influenced by the institutions. If you search the internet you will find sites where students have given a college ranking based on criteria such as:

* Parking
* Safety and Security
* Academics
* Athletics
* Campus Dining
* Campus Housing
* Transportation
* Weather
* Campus Strictness
* Computers
* Diversity
* Drug Scene
* Off-Campus Dining
* Off-Campus Housing
* Facilities
* Girls
* Greek Life
* Guys
* Local Atmosphere
* Nightlife

These different aspects of college life all have varying levels of importance for a prospective student and the college ranking for one area may not be of interest but having them broken down into the individual categories allows a student to investigate the college ranking that is of interest to them and not just an overall ranking.

For example, a student without a car will not be interested in the college ranking for available parking facilities but would be keen to find out about the transportation available in the college area. An art student may not be concerned that their first-choice college does not have high speed internet access in the dorm rooms but a computer major would class this as essential.
Female students are more likely to be concerned about a college ranking for security on campus and be especially interested in the levels of campus police but may not be bothered if the school has a low college ranking for the football coaching.

Apart from visiting some of the college ranking websites and reading surveys conducted amongst students it is also useful to attend the colleges that you are considering before making a decision. This will enable you to confirm, or refute the claims made by the college ranking yourself and also offer you the chance to see if the college actually feels right for you before you accept a place.

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Educational organizations are one of the major segments, which need to maintain unswerving, outmoded and highly secure system, which can protect sensitive & Personal data of the students and others who are attached to it.

Why does an educational website need SSL Certificate?

It should ensure the safety and security of the data shared online. Any educational website would need the SSL certificate as -

• It process sensitive data such as address, birth date, license, or ID numbers.
• To gain students confidence in your website and Services.
• SSL Certificates shows your concern towards your students and visitors online safety
• SSL is a mandatory feature for sites collecting personal data of the visitors/Students.
• Protect your students information from hackers from being misused.
• An SSL Certificate on your educational website will make sure that sensitive data is always safe from intrusive people.
• SSL is the demand for reliable online security.
• It keeps you ahead from the competition.
• Students will gain the confidence to communicate with you online.

Consequences of not deploying an SSL on your website -

Have you ever shared your personal data with a site that you were not sure whether its Secure or not? The same way you can loose your prospective students!!!!
The majority of students now expect security on any online service they use, they anticipate any details provided by them via the Internet to remain confidential and not to be disclosed or shared. If you will not have SSL on your website it may result into

• Non-availability of SSL on any Educational Website may affect its brand image or Goodwill.
• You will loose some good and potential candidates.
• Hackers may track the valuable information, which can be misused.
• Potential and good Students might migrate to some other website where they feel safer.
• SSL is an essential method of encrypting data as it ensures that private information remains secure.

What is SSL Certificate?
SSL (secure sockets layer) is a communications protocol, which is now the global standard for security
SSL creates an encrypted link between a web server and a web browser to ensure that all data transmitted remains private and secure. The Secure Sockets Layer protects data transferred over http using encryption enabled by a server’s SSL Certificate.

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A cheaper college textbook is an especially good deal for the local bookstore as the profit margins are very healthy. Not that you should really care about how much they make on your purchases. Still , if they were as concerned about your education as they claim, wouldn’t they try to keep some prices under control?

This is why many colleges try to raise doubt in your mind about getting your materials somewhere else then the local campus store. College administration is not built on the idea of providing the lowest cost service and education. This is why, at least in part, these materials and resources needed to successfully complete a class are so expensive.

Don’t you want hundreds of extra dollars per semester to spend any way you want? Find cheaper college textbook on the on the web and the cheapest textbooks available anywhere. Colleges make HUGE amounts of money off their campus bookstores.

Getting them from an online bookstore can save you enough for a new IPOD or other important electronic gear. And all your books are guaranteed!

Buying USED makes a lot of sense but many colleges simply don’t want a lot of them around because they simply don’t make as much money as selling cheaper college textbook new. So you can end up not being able to sell directly to the bookstore after the class.

Ordering online and getting the cheapest textbook not only gives you the best prices but selling back the resources is no big deal.

Here’s the Bottom Line:

* Better Selection


* You have the option of buying good quality USED or getting them NEW at a big discount.

* No hassle buying what you need for cheap online vs. waiting in line at the campus store.

* Depending what you need for the semester, you can SAVE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS

* Easy resale once the class is over

Get moving now to locate the cheapest textbooks on the web. Fiction, non fiction, literature, and yes even finding a cheaper college textbook are available here. All your book needs can be found and quickly delivered within days. Get them now!

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Baltimore International College (BIC)

Baltimore’s leading institution for culinary arts and hospitality management degrees is Baltimore International College (BIC). Baltimore International College was founded in 1972. It is a regionally accredited, independent college offering specialized baccalaureate and associate degrees and certificates through its School of Culinary Arts and School of Hospitality Business and Management.

College programs are taught by industry-experienced chefs and professors from around the world. They incorporate a blend of theory and academics with hands-on experience. Students participate in internships at college-operated establishments or externships at approved locations.

The College’s Baltimore, Maryland campus is located just two blocks from the famous Inner Harbor and within easy walking distance of many of the city’s major attractions.

Students who excel in their classes may be eligible for the College’s honors program, which is five weeks in length and taught at the College’s Ireland Campus. The culinary students work in the hotel’s award-winning kitchen, while hospitality management students learn the day-to-day operations of the hotel.

College of Notre Dame of Maryland

College of Notre Dame of Maryland was the first Catholic women’s college in the country to award the four-year baccalaureate degree. Maryland has a long and proven history of educating women for leadership.

College of Notre Dame of Maryland was founded in 1873 and is located on a beautiful 58-acre wooded campus 15 minutes north of downtown Baltimore. There are 26 majors, numerous study abroad programs, financial aid and scholarships, and internship opportunities.

The College of Notre Dame of Maryland offers women:

•Personal attention
•Heightened self-confidence and encouragement to assume leadership positions on and off campus

Other benefits offered include:

•Service learning as part of the coursework in many departments
•More than 30 clubs and organizations that foster leadership and teamwork
•Attention to diversity as illustrated in its international student population in the English Language Institute
•Services for learning-disabled students
•An honors program
•Advanced placement credit
•Double majors
•Independent study
•Off-campus study
•Part-time degree programs
•Undergraduate and graduate programs for professional women and men

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Paralegal Education And Certification Options

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Paralegal is a distinguishable group of people whose function is to assist the attorney in order to deliver the legal services. They are also known as legal assistants. They get qualified for the practice through formal education, paralegal training and experience. There are many paralegal schools that offer certificate courses and other research programs in paralegal studies.

A significant limitation of paralegal professionals is that they cannot give legal assistance to the consumers directly. All the legal services have to be regulated through the lawyers (attorney). Law offices, corporation and government agencies (entities that perform specific legal works) are some of the organizations that employ paralegals. A paralegal professional can practice law but not without a license. He or she cannot represent a client in the court, decide upon a fee or take on any case.

A paralegal professional should meet certain minimum qualifications in order to practice law under a lawyer.

 Completion of the Certified Legal Assistant certifying (CLA) examination held by the National Association of Legal Assistants
 Completion of graduation from a course of study of legal assistants that is either ABA approved or institutionally accredited.
 An in-house paralegal training for not less than six months is preferred.
 It is mandatory to have at least three years of paralegal experience (law-related training) under the supervision of an attorney
 You can have two years of in-house training as legal assistant as well.

Educational programs

Paralegal educational programs in the United States are on significant growth. There are estimated 600 paralegal education programs with a variety of formats and combinations (regarding course subjects and specializations). Several public and private institutions are offering paralegal education. Some of them include community colleges, four-year College and universities, Business College and other proprietary institutions. You can apply for the courses regardless of your educational background. The course structure are constructed in such a way that anyone can apply for the programs. The most common types of programs are:

 Associate degree programs. Two-year community colleges, four-year colleges, universities and business schools offer these programs. After completing 60-70 sessions, you can earn an associate degree. Half of the course constitutes paralegal course while other half deals with general education. The transfer facility of the courses is also available (do check about this before joining any institution).

 Bachelor degree programs. Various public and private institutions offers paralegal studies major, minor or concentration within a major. The length of these programs is about 120-130 sessions that includes 30-60 sessions in related topics. You will be awarded with a bachelor degree after completing the program.

 Paralegal certificate programs You can opt for certificate programs after you have successfully completed your bachelor program. You will earn a certificate after completing 18-60 sessions (various institutions have different structure).

 Master’s degree programs. This program is an advanced degree in paralegal studies. The same colleges and universities that offer bachelor degrees have started offering masters degree. This is a specialized program that will enable you to learn paralegal studies in detail.

Apart from these, you have an opportunity to get paralegal training under any lawyer. However, if you are interested to go further into a research in paralegal studies then there are many specialized research institutes that offer such curriculum.

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College Sports: Show Your Colors!

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Here we go again! The time is near when students, new and old, are heading forth to their colleges and universities, and the entire nation is gearing up for another college sports season. Alumni, students, and fans alike can show their loyalty and true colors in many, many ways, and even stay warm in the process. As pro football moves indoors, college sports are more likely to be seen outside, rain or shine, together with their cheering and adoring fans.

The true fan will be well-prepared for the fall season. It’s important to remember that autumn usually means unpredictable weather, and the key to dressing is layering up. A true-blue fan will prefer to layer in his or her college colors, of course. After t-shirts in the summer, now come long-sleeved shirts for the crisp, cold season. Windbreakers and sweatshirts will also be seen everywhere, as well as lined jackets. Favorite team and college logos will be omnipresent, as expected. For headgear, baseball caps and floppy hats that kept the sun off your face and neck will give way to knit caps. There will also be matching gloves, mittens, and scarves, all emblazoned with logos and the school colors.

Is your college boy or girl a freshman this year? Then you might want to include some college sports fan gear to the clothes and décor list for the dorm room. Banners and posters work great for the walls, while soapboxes and even toothbrushes will give an additional school spirit for the ol’ alma mater in the shower. College jerseys will always be a great hit, and if your kid is playing intramural sports this year, replica jerseys like those of the varsity members will be sure to grab some attention. Round up the gym wardrobe with some workout gear like t-shirts, shorts, and even socks. How about Parent Weekend? This time it’s okay to dress up like your kids. A lot of colleges and universities also have special “parent-wear” available if you want.

College fan gear for almost all colleges is readily available not only at the nearest campus bookstore, but also in several department stores. Nowadays, the Internet is filled with reputable shops selling authentic college jerseys, fan gear, and college memorabilia. If you’re a fan, an alumni member, a student or even a collector, these online shops will be heaven. You can get college jerseys that match with any other fan gear you may already have, or if not, then you will have a nice head start!

Lots of game-used college jerseys are available online. For those who don’t know what “game used” means, it simply signifies that this particular jersey has been worn and used in an actual college game. Authentic game-used college jerseys are a significant part of any college memorabilia collection, and any fan or collector will be pleased to have one. There are lots of game-used college jerseys from all the major college sports and from almost all the colleges, from Air Force, Akron, and Alabama, down to William Penn, Wisconsin and Yale.

Get outfitted with your very own fan gear! Remember, get only authentic college jerseys, fan gear, and gym wear, and show your college spirit and loyalty. Go team!

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About Graphic Design Schools

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Once you have decided that you would like to become a graphic designer, you need to get a college education. Without a Bachelor’s Degree in graphic design, you will find it extremely difficult to start a graphic design career. Finding the graphic design school that is right for you can be difficult, because there are a lot of graphic design schools to choose from.

Some graphic design schools offer certificate programs rather than degree programs. These graphic design schools can be great if you need a quick education. However, many graphic design firms look for graphic design resumes that list education from prominent graphic design schools, colleges, or universities. Therefore, these graphic design schools are not likely to be your best option.

Most colleges and universities now offer graphic design schools or graphic design programs. Community colleges will be less likely to be considered as graphic design schools. Rather than picking a college or university by location or cost, you should research graphic design schools in your area by requesting graphic design degree program information and course catalogs. These materials can then be compared so that you can choose the graphic design schools most likely to help you succeed as a graphic designer.

You can also research graphic design schools in your area through professional associations, your local chamber of commerce, and the better business bureau. These resources can help you gain a better understanding of the differences between the different graphic design schools. There are also a lot of websites available online that offer free peer and alumni reviews of graphic design schools, giving you an inside look at what the various graphic design schools in your area have to offer.

Another option for those wishing to enter a career as a graphic designer is online colleges, universities, and graphic design schools. American InterContinental University Online (AIU) and Kaplan University are two of the most prominent and widely known online graphic design schools. Online graphic design schools have the advantage of flexibility in scheduling which can be great for parents or working adults. However, it is important to understand that degrees earned from online graphic design schools are often viewed as being lower quality degrees than those earned from brick and mortar graphic design schools.

Additionally, online graphic design schools are not for everyone. If you learn better by seeing, writing, reading, and doing, then online graphic design schools may be a good choice for you. However, if you are learn better by listening, hands on instruction, and over the shoulder instruction, you are better off attending brick and mortar graphic design schools. Most often, brick and mortar graphic design schools are best. But in situations where going back to school is a difficult decision, and time and scheduling are an issue, the flexibility available with online graphic design schools can be quite beneficial, and is often the only reason some people are able to go back to school at all.

Overall, the decision of graphic design schools is up to you. The best advice is to do your homework, research all options, and work with your high school guidance counselors, instructors, and your parents to help you choose the graphic design schools that will be the best fit for you and your future career as a graphic designer.

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For busy working adults who want to get a university or college degree, perhaps the best way to do so is to study online.There are many long distance accredited and good online colleges and universities to choose from. Just do a search for online university degrees and you will see many institutions offering online degree courses for basic degrees to MBAs and even Doctorate PhDs in business, wealth management, technology management, information systems, education and even in nursing.

Why study for an online degree? This is because for most working adults, taking time off to go to classrooms or campuses for lessons regularly is almost an impossible task and this is a very important reason why so many working adults are deprived of good university degrees. By giving lessons online, these long distance colleges and universities are able to reach out to these potential adult students who otherwise may never have any opportunities to get a university or college degree.

Since these degrees are long distance online courses, you can simply log on to your computer and start the lessons immediately. The convenience of the Internet makes earning your degree not only possible but much more affordable as well because these universities and colleges do not need to count the costs and overheads they need to incur should you attend classroom on campus lessons.

Many of these universities, for example, The University of Phoenix Online also offer financial assistance and flexible fee payment plans. You may wish to check with the university of your choice on the various types of financial aids available.

Perhaps the most attractive thing about studying for a degree online is that you can study anytime you want to, study where you are without wasting commuting time and for some, there are no timelines for lessons, tutorials, projects and even examinations.

Most online universities and colleges give their long distance learning students the same exacting standard of quality education, curriculum, faculty and resources, the same as those offered at their brick and mortar campuses. You can then have the luxury to complete your education at the time and place most convenient to you. All you need is a computer, a phone connection, and an internet service provider. Most people in developed countries will have no problem setting this up or already have internet connection set up.

With easy to use Internet access software, you have access to lectures, questions and assignments from your professors and then you can print them out and review them off-line. You will also have access to a full range of online research libraries and services.

At the same time, you can also interact with other successful professionals, sharing ideas, debating issues, and learning from their experience.Throughout whatever degree courses you are studying, your instructors will provide guidance and feedback on your progress.

All interaction is conducted online, so you can participate at your own time and convenience. You never have to rush from the office or your home to a night-class or miss a lecture because of some time scheduling conflict.

Want to get an online university degree? Your opportunity may now be here.

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Types of College Degrees

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There are many options for students seeking an education today. There are many quality two-year, four-year and graduate programs available online to students seeking a college education or for those simply looking to further their careers. Employers look at the completion of college or university coursework as an indicator that you are motivated to better yourself and move ahead in your career. Many online schools offer programs ranging from certificate programs all the way to masters degrees and beyond. Earning your degree online gives you the opportunity to start small – and possibly move on to earn an advanced degree – all at your own pace. The following gives you detailed information on the basic degree types available to students.

Certificate Programs offer a useful, concentrated study of a particular professional area. These programs can help you start a new career or develop your skills and knowledge, giving you powerful qualifications to enhance your occupation. A Certificate of Participation is awarded upon completion of your course or program. You may take individual courses for professional development or work toward a certificate in your chosen area of interest.

Diploma programs are a sequence of classes focusing on both theory and practice in a particular field. They are not as broad as degree programs and they usually concentrate on a particular area. Some diploma programs also offer an overview of several different areas. The terms ‘certificate’ and ‘diploma’ are often the same. Some universities refer to their programs as certificate programs while others call them diploma programs. There is not a common criterion to differentiate them.

An associate degree is an undergraduate degree that can be earned in 2years. An associate degree program consists of three parts: general education requirements, major requirements, and electives. An associate degree is a 2-year degree given by either Community Colleges or Junior Colleges upon completion of an associate degree program.

A Bachelors degree by definition is an academic degree conferred by a college or university upon those who complete the undergraduate curriculum. A Bachelor’s Degree is the conventional degree given by undergraduate colleges and universities in the United States.

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